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Handmade Electric Bikes
I want to see!
  1. I cant believe how far i was able to drive, and how fast the bike went!
    George King
  2. I was really excited when my ebike arrived, i couldn't believe how beautiful it came out
    Lewis Davis
  3. I wanted one for my son, EceBike was able to set the speeds lower for him, so i felt safe about it
    Maria Collins
  4. I live in the city, and wanted something small and light for going to work that i could being inside. The Cruiser was perfect for me
    Tom Haven
  5. I got one for my husband as a gift, east coast electric bikes let me finance the bike with no hassle.
    Sandy Jenkins
  6. I looked at other electric endure bikes. There's are the best quality, and distance you can get
    Shona Raynor
  7. I wanted to ride but I dont like the nose of gas, Ecebikes are whisper quiet there perfect for a relaxing ride.
    Andy Smith
  8. Speed is what i'm all about, the Slt-Elite was an amazing fit, im able to go down the highway and stay with traffic.
    Craig Atkins